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C.S. Lewis- The Chronicles of Narnie ~ 2. The Lion, The WItch and The Wardrobe

Status : Available
Condition : Used book [read-once-only]
Price : RM 12.00
Retail price : RM 20 ++

Code : B39
171 pages
The story begins with the wardrobe, for withour it Lucy would never have found her way into NArnia, or even heard of the White Witch, whose reign has been longer than anyone knows.
But work is afoot to disloge the Witch. It is whispered that Aslan- the great Lion - is once again on the move. Only woth his help is there hope of the White Witch being defeated - ad she has captured Edmund.
To save Edmund, Aslan must sacrifice everthing. But without him the ancient prophecy cannot be fulfilled, or NArnia made free.

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