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Janet Quin Harkin- Heart Break Cafe

Status : Available
Condition : Used book [read-once-only]
papers yellowish inside
cover slightly crease
Price : RM5.00

CODE : B19
156 pages
At last everything is going right for Debotrah Lesley- her best friend is working with her at the Heartbreak Cafe, it’s a beautiful summer, and now Joe Garbarini, the cool, macho manager had finally decide that they make a great couple

But Debbie feels instinctively that trouble is on the way when a mysterious girl, dress in black, appears in the cafe, Maybe sh’;s being paranoid- Joe thinks she’s over-reacting again- but Debbie is detemind to stick to her principles.

The rest of the gang are still here in this fifth book in teh Heartbreak Cafe series.

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