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Marianne Fredriksson- Hanna's Daughters

Status : Available
Condition : Used book [read-once-only or never read more likely]
Price : RM 20.00


314 pages.
Almost new. PAPERCOVER!!!!!!!!

"Restless and unable to sleep, Anna picks up a sepia photograph of her grandmother, Hanna, as a young woman. It is looking in a mirror and Anna ses not the tetchy old woman of family stories but a woman who might love, cry, hate, just as she does. For the first time Anna sees herself and herself, Hannas daughter, not just as a family, but as real people whose lives have rich and complex stories to tell."
A family saga that was a bestseller in Europe, this is the story of three generations of women: Hanna, born in 1871, raped at 12, then married; Johanna, who has no use for the kind of domestic life her mother embraced; and Anna, a writer in search of her roots.
Publisher Comments:

Sweeping through one hundred years of Scandinavian history, this luminous story follows three generations of Swedish women — a grandmother, a mother, and a daughter — whose lives are linked through a century of great love and great loss. Resonating with truth and revelation, this moving novel deftly explores the often difficult but enduring ties between mothers and daughters, the sacrifices, compromises, and rewards in the relationships between men and women, and the patterns of emotion that repeat themselves through generations. If you have ever wanted to connect with the past, or rediscover family, Hanna's Daughters will strike a chord in your heart.
"I loved Hanna's Daughters from the very first page, and I absolutely could not put it down....Written with grace and wit, this novel deserves to be read, discussed, and cherished by future generations of mothers and daughters." Judith Guest, Author of Ordinary People and Errand

"An uplifting family saga...Fredriksson provides a satisfyingly complex...chronicle of women and the burdens imposed by their family history, their gender and themselves....Its message of reconciliation is transcendent." People
"Despite occasionally overbearing feminism, this Scandinavian story of a century of sweeping changes believably characterizes three generations of a family while keeping the drama intimate enough for readers to empathize." Kevin Grandfield, Booklist

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