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Sherryl Woods- Temptation

Status : Available
Condition : Used book [read-once-only or never read more likely]
Price : RM 27.00
Retail price in US : U.S.$9.95
Shipping cost : See shipping rulez
CODE : B21
295 pages.
Almost new. HARDCOVER!!!!!!!!
its paper cover is slightly creased
Callie Smith has just been dumped by her job and her husband in short order. She takes on a walk on part in a soap opera. JasonKane sees Callie on screen he's sure that she's exactly the boost "Within our Reach" needs. If he can meake this knckout beauty a show regular and get his writers to craft a story line hot enough to give the censors heartburn, the ratings will go through the roof.
Convincing Callie proves more difficult but Jason is a man who goes after what he wants...and he wants Callie. Callies fame has made her the target of someone who is out to make sure that she doesn't succeed in show business...someone with a very deadly agenda.

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