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John Bennett- Sea Otters gambolling in the wild, wild surf

Status : Available
Condition :NEW book
Price : RM 18.00
Code : B85




Sixteen-year-old Felix is bored and stressed

Stressed about his exam results. Stressed about working for the mad old bat Mrs Pretzel. Stressed about his future.
Plus he's feeling super-guilty about what just happened to Mrs P's spaniel, Vespasian. Which might be why he's just stolen his mother's cash card and booked a flight to Hong Kong. Or it might have something to do with what he just found out in the permanent clearance sale at 'The House of Ming'

Sea Otters Gambolling in the Wild, Wild Surf is the story of where Felix's curiosity takes him : on a journey that challenges his preconceptions about the world, his plans for the future and his relationships with his famliy. Will he get home before his little sister discovers what he's up to?
What'll happen to Vespasian?
Will his mother ground him for the rest of his life ?
Will he get the passes he needs to get into university?
And what's ay of this got to do with others?

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