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Alison Rushby- How to Date a Millionaire

Status : Available
Condition :NEW book
Price : RM18.00
Code : B86




NESSA JOANNE MULHOLLAND, aka Marilyn Monroe's No. 1 teenage fan, is about to become a big sister - twice over. Her movue-star stepmother, Holly is very pregnant with twins when, suddenly, B and G ( that's Boy and Girl ) decide they need to get away from it all. Within hours,Nessa, her dad, Holly, best friend Alexa and tag-along cousin Nat are on a private jet and headed for some rest and relaxation Hawaiian style. Except that , on hitting the sand, there's not a lot of rest and relaxation to be found. The penthouse apartment they've booked is suddenly unavailable, Holly's blood pressure skyrockets, Nat is bronzed-beach-boy crazy and what's with the three cute guys living upstairs?

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