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Sandi Kahn Selton - A Piece of Normal

Status : Available
Condition :NEW book
Price : RM20.00
Code : B87

342 pages


At age thirty-four, Lily Brown has her life just the way she likes it. And what's not to like? She's got a great job as an advice columnist for the local newspaper, and adorable four-year-old son, and an ex-husband, Teddy, who still thinks she's wonderful. She eve lives in the same beach house where she grew up, with a great view of Long Island Sound and plenty of roses to stop and smell.
So what if she wont let herself date anyone until she finds a new girlfriend for Teddy, who happens to still hung up on her? So what if she hasn't changed a thing in her parent's house, even twelve years after their tragic deaths? So what if it's been ten years since she's heard form her younger sister. Dana, who stormed out of the house in a rage when she was a teen? Lily is fine.
But life has a way of spoiling even the most perfectly laid- out plans. When her long lost little sister shows up, bringing with her the fun and drama and he;;-raising spontaneity Lily has missed- as well as some decades-old family secrets- Dear Lily must head the very advice she often doles out but never follow about accepting life's messiness and chaos.
With her trademark blend of sparkling wit and unforgettable character, Sandi Kahn Shelton tells a compelling and universal story of woman who, with a little help form my sister, learns what she needs to let go of, and what she has to hold on to as tightly as she can.

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